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Mission & Goals

The Temple Intermediate School is responsible for preparing our children to achieve academic success at the next learning level to the fullest extent of their individual abilities. Knowing that we are the foundation that forms all our pupils’ future educational progress, we will concentrate on improving all students’ skills in reading with comprehension, communicating orally and in writing and in developing mathematical skills in higher grades. Temple Intermediate children will be taught a well balanced curriculum which includes critical thinking and problem solving skills, citizenship skills, self esteem, respect for others, and responsible behavior. We will continue broadening our students’ horizons through the study of our American heritage, fine arts, social studies, physical education, and science. All children will be encouraged and given the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. We will endeavor to help students find and keep the excitement and fulfillment of gaining knowledge and learning new skills. All staff will be encouraged to conduct themselves in a spirit of cooperation with and among co-workers. Temple Intermediate School will maintain accountability by studying our yearly data, analyzing our educational progress, and maintaining or improving educational programs.
At HG Temple Intermediate we provide students with a variety of opportunities and a varation of learning methods needed to be successful. Our goal is to work in conjunction with all stakeholders to prepare students to be lifelong learners in order to contribute to society.
Core Beliefs
At HG Temple Intermediate, we believe all students can and will learn to his/her fullest potential so will be successful in the future. We at HG Temple Intermediate believe all students are capable of accomplishing his/her goals with the support of staff. All students are valued and relationships will be established to create lifelong learning bonds.