H.G. Temple Intermediate School

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Spring Break will be March 13th - 17th.


We feel an explanation is owed for two of the changes that have taken place.  One area of concern is appropriate footwear.  On our campus, students attend classes in a science lab each day.  Our students also have physical education and a daily recess time, mandated by our district.  For student safety and foot/skin protection, shoes that cover the feet must be worn daily.  Due to this reason, we are not allowing open-toed shoes, plastic sandals, or slides.  The safety of our students always comes first.  An additional area you may have questions about falls under the girls’ dress code for dresses/pant suits.  Tights are not allowed, which includes yoga tights, leggings, or jeggings.  Although tights are prohibited, they can be worn if the clothing over the tights (shirt, dress, shorts) are within dress code.